We provide fire extinguisher servicing and supply with the guarantee that we will never over provide from as little as £5 per extinguisher



When your fire extinguisher requires an extended service we at fire service intentional are happy to offer a replacement extinguisher instead of the extended service at the same price.

In doing so we hope to prevent you the client paying for an extended service, which the extinguishers may fail, and then  the additional cost of a new extinguisher on top. We will also recycle the old extinguisher at no extra charge as part of our commitment to recycling.

  New Extended Service/Swap Over
9 litre water 30.00+ Vat £28.00
3 litre foam 28.95+ Vat 26.95
6 litre foam 32.50+ Vat 30.50
9 litre foam 40.00+ Vat 38.00
2kg co2 Steel 40.00+ Vat 38.00
5kg co2 Steel 65.00+ Vat 60.00
2kg Dry Powder 15.00+ Vat 14.50
3kg Dry Powder 22.00+ Vat 21.00
6kg Dry Powder 29.00+ Vat 27.00
9kg Dry Powder 40.00+ Vat 38.00
3ltr Wet Chemical 50.00+ Vat 45.00
6ltr Wet Chemical 72.00+ Vat 65.00
Fire Blanket 10.00+ Vat 8.00
Installation 8.00 + Vat per unit