A little bit about us !


Our Branch meets on the 4th Thursday of the month, at 1930 at the RAOB Club, Madoc Street Llandudno. Membership is open to all who have served or serve with the Royal Navy, WRENS, QARNNS, Royal Marines or Royal Fleet Auxiliary or their reserves. Associate membership is open to those from other services and those who have the interests of the Association at heart. New members are always welcome, and we are actively recruiting for ex Naval personnel especially, as this also allows us to increase Associate membership.


2011 has been designated as a ‘Year of Recruitment’ for the

RNA, Llandudno Branch have been instrumental in this policy, seconding the motion on recruitment at Conference in France in 2010.


Our members have an active social life within the Branch, and also at various RNA, area and many other service events, a program of activities and events can be found on the Events page, this is being constantly reviewed by our members and Social Sub Committee. 


Welcome to Llandudno Branch of the Royal Naval Association.



Our Gallery page contains many memories, for past, present and especially for members families, memories of the ex naval community who may have 'crossed the bar' or who are still members. If you have any pictures or memories you would like to share with us or to be included in our Gallery please contact us.


We regularly attend RNA National Conference, and Area 10 (North West) quarterly conferences, to keep our members informed and also to contribute. Since the closure of our RNA Club we have made many contributions to Naval and local charities.


Our Welfare representative is available in times of distress or need and has access to the service welfare network. We attend the 'Crossing of the Bar' ceremonies if requested to honour our comrades and members.


If you have an interest in joining our Branch, or being involved in any of our activities, or would like any further information, you are welcome to attend our monthly meeting or get in touch with us, via ‘Contact Us’ on this website.


The total strength of our Ships Company is presently (85) comprising: 16 Full Life Members, 44 Full Members, 23 Associate Members and 2 Honorary Members.