In order to conduct an adequate fire risk assessment the following should be recorded by a competent Fire Risk Assessor (Please feel free to  use):


Keep a copy of your completed document readily available in a safe place.
NB The above is only suitable as a guide and for premises with less than 5 persons employed. Fire Service International Ltd accepts no responsibility for how the above guide is used. If in any doubt contact the local Fire Authority or Fire Service International Ltd.

When carrying out a fire risk assessment the Fire Risk Assessor should keep in mind that its purpose is to identify risks in order to remove or reduce, control and monitor them. Thus, having established the extent to which it is deemed appropriate, the employer, or controller of the premises, must then comply with the requirements of the fire risk assessment where necessary in order to safeguard the safety of employees in case of fire. To the extent that it is appropriate, all workplaces must be provided with sensible and appropriate fire safety precautions.

Confused? You needn’t be.

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If you would like to contact your local fire authority for advice and guidance please use the link below which will take you to their website where you can find many excellent resources plus contact details for all the various regional Fire authority’s